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To build on our track record of excellence and success, and to retain our position at the forefront quality-based training of screenwriting on international platform we need to build a network of supporters. This will enable us to achieve the following:

1. Improved Accommodation

The Academy now urgently needs modern and purpose built accommodation for both teaching and filmmaking, and to facilitate the expansion of the Academy's public remit and Indian Film Industry Services.

2. Increased access to scholarships and the Academy's training resources

It's a fundamental part of our vision that SW courses should be available to Moviemakers from all financial backgrounds and all countries.

This aspect of our work is now more vital than ever and we aim to create new scholarships over the coming years. For each scholarship we want to create, we need to raise INR 95,000. To achieve this we need the support of generous alumni, industry supporters and those who share our vision of delivering an outstanding quality of education to the next generation of Screenwriters and Filmmakers.

3. Improved Library, Technology & Equipment

At SW, all of us here are eager to produce knowledgeable Screenwriters and Moviemakers, which means working with the full range of modern, relevant professional know-how through reading and hands-on experience on state-of-the-art equipment.

To help us provide this unique and essential level of training we need to create a new library and technology fund. This will allow us to facilitate HD compatible post production, acquire appropriate camera equipment for digital origination and install an integrated digital file system serving all departments. With your help we can lead the world in modeling and teaching the emerging styles, work flows and distribution methods of the cinema of the future.

To make all this happen we need your help. ScreenWrite is an exemplar model of private and public partnership, and this means your gift at any level will have real impact and added value for new initiatives and support for students.

For more information on how you can support us please contact:

Thanks and Regards,
John E
Founder & Chairman, SW.




A Workshop @ Bangalore

Two-Day Weekend workshop on ALL
ABOUT SCREENPLAYS at Bhubaneswar, Odisha ::   19-20 July, 2014.

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SW starts Distance Education Programs for
aspiring screenwriters all over Tamilnadu and India. For more details submit your online applications or write to:

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John Edathattil, Founder of ScreenWrite.In  is soon to launch online certification courses on screenwriting
considering the query from many aspirants around the world. Await webinars to follow, too!

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ScreenWrite.In will sincerely help you sell
your screenplay. Advertise your product in our website which is linked to many reputed production houses and directors!

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Ikchr Entertainment Pvt Ltd looks forward
to support and produce qualified feature films and shorts. /

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Coming Soon .....


November 2015
Scope for Screenwriters: Introductory 2-Day Course
Visual Storytelling: An Introduction for Directors, Writers & Producers
December 2015
Practical Tools for Creative Screenwriting -
Individuality and Career Development for Writers, Directors & Producers

January 2016
Developing the Visual Imagination: Storyboarding for Directors & Screenwriters
Script Surgery   

February 2016
Screenwriters’ engagement in Post Production
About Location Sound for Screenwriters and Directors

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