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Thisís resurrection of my blogging - almost a year of hibernation for many unpardonable reasons. Itís no more I should like to request all my generous followers to come in here to the website blog.

ScreenWrite.In has found its new colors, the blues coming to prominence like in CheeseFlicks. Iím keen with added fervor to reach out to more and more young writers to come up with their ideas and convert them to great stories and even greater screenplays. Iím seeing it already, and want to motivate more and more of them.

Thatís one reason I plan to popularize more of online certified programs, and of course, screenplay reviews and doctoring. I find dearth for efficient reviews and reports, whether be short or long screenplays, before one goes into production.

Aspiring screenwriters and upcoming directors are very curious to know what I define as a good screenplay. The answer is very simple: the screenplay has to entertain, sustain the interest to read further, keep the reader on to the edge of unpredictability. Can you make this happen in your screenplay?

Will mind-blowing action sequences solve the issue? Or a steady stream of suspense and twists does the job? I remember now, one of my director friends (he has a bunch of well-run movies in his kitty)used to say, whenever I get a feel my screenplay falls I plan a song to revive the momentum. Is this a fruitful principle?A writer friend of mine used to say if your screenplay carries five really gripping scenes then it always works. Will the five-scene theory help?

I tell my aspiring writers always to cut out the best scene they ardently preserve in their screenplay. May be thatís where the problem is; may be you want that scene to be protected and carve many things unnecessary around it. Sometimes we need to be ruthless to assess our own writing, more than being complacent about it.

Always, the most important thing is the structure, because screenplays are structure. Again and again to quote my favorite William Goldman: Stories are emotions; movies are stories; screenplays are structure. But how does one make the impeccable structure? Again as William Goldman ponders in his book The Adventures in Screen Trade, ďnobody knows anything.Ē How to make the impeccable structure?

We see this structure deficit in the many movies that come by, especially lager movies with stars and studios. I find an influx of new movies, flooding the market and the competition is fierce to present the movies in theatres and other circuits.

When movies are aplenty you need to be heard and noticed in the crowd. Sometimes the movie is small that it should carry characters strong enough to fascinate potential actors or even stars to support the movie, for it get moving into production. Your premise has to be strong and original and the structure orchestrated professionally perfect.

A deficient screenplay can cost you your career, and a movie, and lots of money. Perhaps you require help to review your screenplay give a full-fledged report on the possibility of a good structure.As I look at it, story-telling or structure needs a profound knowledge, because, it is a very complex subject. For many writers it can well be a task to meet. And always good to learn what we donít know.


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